Monday, 2 April 2012


Guning Reng is located near the North-East highway at Jeli and is approximately 15 minutes from Kampun Kalai.
Gunung Reng can be seen as a huge rock because it exists in an area that has no continuous series of mountains. According to the locals, Gunung Reng is a piece of rock brought down by God to destroy a village. This happened due to the evil and cruel activities by the past residence of the village and they deserved to be punished and vanish from the face of Earth.

All being said, the tale is legendary and has attracted many visitors to Gunung Reng to enjoy the beautiful nature and experience the clear and clean water from the river.
Research in and around Reng Mountain has unearthed evidence that the mountain was once inhabited. Today, the limestone caves of Reng mountain has become a tourist attraction.

Kelantan fondly knows as 'THE LAND OF CIK SITI WAN KEMBANG' for its assocition with this lagendary warrior queen and her daughter,Puteri Saadong.Their lagends be traced to many other places in this sate.Bukit Marak, about 20 km from Kota Bharu,was said to e Puteri Saadong's dwelling place while Padang alban is where her husband was laid to rest.

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